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Bigg Boyz Art Gallery Tattoos

3942 Maizeland Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

(719) 375-5141


Bigg Boyz

Colorado Springs Tattoo & Piercing Studio and Art Gallery

Thank you for considering us for your art. Bigg Boyz Art Gallery Tattoos is a clean, professional tattoo & Piercing studio just off Academy and Maizeland in Colorado Springs. We opened in November 2014 and are working hard to establish ourselves as one of the premier studios in the city.


We endeavor to produce custom, original artwork you can proudly display.  We strive to have our artwork influence our tattoos just as much as our tattoos influence our artwork. We hope it is apparent in our art galleries and that you think of us for your next tattoo, or Piercing, yes we also pierce.

Examples of our Art